Real Parental Authority

My parents didn’t believe in censorship and always said no one ever got pregnant from reading a book. So one day when I was eleven or twelve, and having been an avid mystery reader since I was about six, I came home from the local drug store with a hardboiled mystery called “Dead Dolls Don’t Talk.” My mother took one look at it and said, very simply, “I don’t really think you’re going to like that.” Whoosh! You’ve never seen a book hit a trash can so fast in your life. After all, if my mother didn’t think I’d like it, it couldn’t possibly be worth reading.

Now, this was the woman who’d been carefully guiding my reading since she started reading me “Winnie the Pooh.” Greek mythology, Nancy Drew, then the British locked-room mysteries, science fiction (as it happens, this was also the woman who first suggested to a very young Philip K. Dick that he should consider submitting the short stories he was writing in her class), first with Ray Bradbury’s “The October Country” and then onto “Fahrenheit 451,” “Brave New World,” then Isaac Asimov…So when someone like that says, “I don’t really think you’re going to like that,” Whoosh! Now that’s authority!


About relizareviews

Long time desperate reader in fields of: English lit, mysteries, sci-fi, history, political economics, epidemiology. As you may have guessed from the list, I'm interested in almost everything. In addition to my own library and my husband's library, I have recently inherited my late ex-husband's library which is currently stored in 187 banker's boxes in our garage. While the intent was to sell off the books, the problem is that every time I put my hand into some new box, it's like Christmas all over again. So I'm reading more than the writing I've always said I wanted to do. This site will allow you to buy books through both Amazon and Alibris. In the reviews posted here, I have tried to be as fair and balanced as possible. The first section will always address the question of who should read the books — and who definitely shouldn't. So read away, and I hope you have fun.
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