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Long time desperate reader in fields of: English lit, mysteries, sci-fi, history, political economics, epidemiology. As you may have guessed from the list, I'm interested in almost everything. In addition to my own library and my husband's library, I have recently inherited my late ex-husband's library which is currently stored in 187 banker's boxes in our garage. While the intent was to sell off the books, the problem is that every time I put my hand into some new box, it's like Christmas all over again. So I'm reading more than the writing I've always said I wanted to do. This site will allow you to buy books through both Amazon and Alibris. In the reviews posted here, I have tried to be as fair and balanced as possible. The first section will always address the question of who should read the books — and who definitely shouldn't. So read away, and I hope you have fun.

Repeal ALL Drug Laws

It’s time to repeal the drug laws. ALL the drug laws. I know, I know, you’re all saying, but then ANYBODY can get drugs. But that’s the problem. Anybody can get them now. But the social cost is exorbitantly high. … Continue reading

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Real Parental Authority

My parents didn’t believe in censorship and always said no one ever got pregnant from reading a book. So one day when I was eleven or twelve, and having been an avid mystery reader since I was about six, I … Continue reading

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Not Death-Penalty Offenses

And here we go again. A white policeman kills an unarmed black man, and this time by shooting him eight times in the back as he was running away. While running away might be annoying, it also means “NOT AN … Continue reading

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How to Sell Used and Rare Books

I recently ran across some questions on how to sell used and rare books, so I thought I’d put together a brief guide. At Reliza Books, I’ve been selling various types and conditions of books for nearly twenty years. I’ve … Continue reading

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Our Kind of People

Our Kind of People (Link to Amazon) by Uzodinma Iweala In “Our Kind of People,” Uzodinma Iweala takes a hard look at current attitudes and approaches towards the African AIDS epidemic, and he identifies some disturbing truths as well as some … Continue reading

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Future planning

We used to think it was funny when people talked about “future planning.” Now they’re talking about “pre-planning.” Any day now we should start hearing “future pre-planning.”

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CIA Logic (NOT)

The CIA is up to its old tricks again, specifically censoring a book before it’s been published. Here’s their rationale, which is classic: “Just because something is in the public domain doesn’t mean it’s been officially released or declassified by … Continue reading

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